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Arazzmatazz Alpacas
Essential Vitamins

Information on Cache La Poudre Minerals
Why should you provide mineral and vitamin supplements for your alpacas and llamas?
In North America, we place high expectations on our llamas and alpacas for growth, fiber quality and reproductive performance, and we control what they eat, i.e., hay, pasture, grains, supplements.
   Wide variations in the amounts of minerals and vitamins available in these feed stuffs can occur and can affect growth, sound bones, reproductive efficiency, fiber quality, and immune system function.
   A balanced mineral and vitamin supplement should be offered daily to your llamas and alpacas to insure they get what they need to stay healthy and productive.
What are some of the important minerals and vitamins needed?  
  All Cache La Poudre supplements have calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D3, E, Zinpro® 100 with methionine, and selenium. See the ingredients page for the two mixtures.
  Calcium and Phosphorus

A 2:1 calcium / phosphorus ratio is optimum for strong, correct bone formation, gestation, lactation, and growth.when llamas or alpacas are on spring or irrigated pastures, or if alfalfa (pasture or hay) exceeds 1/3 of total diet, or the grass hay is low in phosphorus, higher levels of phosphorus are needed. A carefully controlled mixture of Di-Calcium Phosphate and Limestone are used to provide the basic amount of calcium and phosphorus.
Cache la Poudre Minerals DOES NOT contain 'Bone Meal' and haven't for nearly 2 decades. Bone Meal is associated with Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or SCE)

  Zinpro 100® A chelated mineral that contains zinc and methionine, an essential amino acid. Chelates promote maximum absorption by the body. Zinc is an important nutrient for immune function and is necessary for healthy skin and fiber.
  Zinpro's Web site (www.zinpro.com) gives a lot on information on zinc.  
  Vitamin E Essential in maintaining and improving health and vitality It interacts with and improves the utilization and absorption of selenium. Together they work as a highly effective antioxidant which induces the effects of disease and stress, and enhances immune cell formation.
Access to Vitamin E in foods is limited. It is only available in significant amounts in new growth and deteriorates quickly in harvested forage.

Are all Vitamin E supplements the same? NO!!! Not all Vitamin E supplements store well; some forms are not readily available to the animal when ingested. Cache La Poudre Minerals uses d1-alpha tocopheryl acetate, a form of Vitamin E which has a long storage life and is available when ingested
  Vitamin D3 Essential for normal bone growth, tooth structure, and adequate absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  Vitamin A Associated with reproduction; needed for bone growth, fiber growth, good eyesight; extremely important for skin and fiber health; enhances absorption of selenium. 
  Selenium Many areas of the United States are low in selenium. A deficiency can cause white muscle disease and compromise immune function. Selenium is necessary for the absorption and utilization of Vitamin E. In addition, some reproductive performance problems may be attributed to vitamin E /selenium deficiencies. 
  Magnesium Important for neuro-muscular function, enzyme function, and bone structure.
  Manganese and Copper Manganese is an important micro-nutrient for enzyme function and bone and tendon structure. Copper is also important for enzyme function, immunity, anemia prevention, and fiber health. A portion of these micronutrients are Proteinated to promote maximum absorption. Proteinated minerals are a form of chelates.  
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