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  Here in North America, we place high expectations on our llamas and alpacas for growth, highest fiber quality and reproductive performance, and we control what they eat, i.e., hay, pasture, grains, supplements.
Cache la Poudre Minerals are made with the highest quality vitamins and minerals available.
  Cache la Poudre Minerals provides the essential vitamins and  minerals for all South  American Camelids:  Llama, Alpaca & Paco-Vicuñas.

Wide variations in the amounts of minerals and vitamins available in these feed stuffs and can have a signficant affect on growth, sound bones, reproductive efficiency, high quality fiber, and immune system function.

  A balanced, free choice, mineral and vitamin supplement should be offered daily to your llamas and alpacas to insure they get what they need to stay healthy and productive.

We own and raise llamas and alpacas at Arazzmatazz Alpacas!  

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